Anonymous:  wah lol


Anonymous:  Isn't it weirdly fulfilling to see someone become so trashy after you've expelled them from your life? To see them plummet downwards after you've left them behind for good? Cause man, your ex dude... And you're doing so much better. It's like strangely amusing to me, keep it up bro


It’s more fufilling to me to have moved on from a really shitty experience and to have found someone who treats me so well and is so honest and kind to me and cares about me so much. I don’t really take pleasure in seeing anyone’s life turn into garbage and if anything I think its sad that things didn’t work out as well for her as they did for me.

This is hilarious 😂


Thinking about things for the first time tonight. I’m not really sure I know how to feel. I’m so numb to everything around me. I feel cold and heartless. And I don’t know what love is.



I still have these off nights where I roll over and half expect you to be there next to me and when you aren’t it’s the most unsettling feeling I have ever had. These are the nights where I miss you most. 


I don’t even get sad over you anymore cause I’m so used to it. It’s kinda really sad but thank god for that.